Our story (part 1)

I believe I have never told our story before, how we met and ended up here where we are now stronger and still in love with a dynamic such as this.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We met when we were sixteen years old. How we met is another story so let me start there.

I did canoing as a sport. In the middle of the year my boyfriend left me for my best friend. They both did canoing with me at the same club. Out of hurt and anger I stopped the sport (Oi teenangers, always so dramatic) and decided to do something daring and totally against my character. I enrolled myself at a kick boxing club. Now if you knew me personally, I think you would have thought it is a joke,but yes, I did indeed go for kick boxing classes. Little old, quiet me. I think it must have been the anger and hurt in me that led me to such a decision. Or was it fate?

You see there was a boy in that club, he was my age. A strong and confident boy, one of the club’s highest belts who went for competitions in other countries. At his age he was already good enough to help the sensei to train the beginners. Obviously I was one the beginners. It started with stares. We would stare at each other through out the whole lesson every Thursday night. Suddenly kick boxing became much more enjoyable than canoing. I wonder why? I realized very early that this young man is a thinker and he takes his time with everything. So dating wasn’t in the near future at that point yet. He was just enjoying the view in the mirrors of the gym where we had our training (his words).


One night I ended up in the small group he had to train for that night. Oh boy, what a thrill! He was so strict and straight forward. Every now and then he would give me an innocent subtle touch only to move my fist in the right direction, helping me to kick the front kick or side kick the right way.  Every now and then he would give me a stern look and said “keep trying until I am happy”. Then came the punching bag. We had to hit it three times, the right way and then had to go wait at the back of the line for your next turn, until he was satisfied with everybody before he will call the sensei to come and observe us. Soon it was my turn. As I was about to punch it, he stopped me and said “no, no look at your fist, that way you will hurt yourself, I have just shown you how to punch, do it right”. After he was satisfied with that, he picked on me again since, according to him I was not punching hard enough. After the sixth punch that he kept saying, “nope, try again”. I got so aggrivated I punched it very hard and immediately faced him to be very bratty while asking him “hard enough?”. Well that was the plan, unfortunately the punching bag came back and hit me quite hard at the side of my face. He looked at me dead serious and said “that’s what you get when you give me attitude”. I felt how I was blushing, it was like a scene in a comedy. All I could do was turn around and quickly go to the back of the line, wishing the earth could swallow me. When I looked at him from behind the line I could see he was trying very hard not to laugh at me. One night we were doing sparding and he was walking around giving tips, sparding with his friends and then walked around some more. I was aware of him all the time, I couldn’t help it. I felt him looking at me when I was not looking at him. I was busy sparding with a very eager girl who thought kick boxing was the next best thing. She was giving me a beating, I am not really the fighting kinda girl. The next moment I felt this sting on my butt, when I turned around I saw it was him who shot me with the end of his kick boxing belt. I looked at him flushed and confused. He said “you are not giving your everything you are fooling around, trust yourselve a bit more “. I only thought about what he said later that evening since the effect of what he did with his belt caught me of guard. Things went on like that for weeks and weeks. Every Thursday would come, we trained in the gym, stared at each other, sometimes he trained us and every night he would pass me with his bike while I was waiting for my mother to come and pick me and my younger brother up.

Then he stayed away for a while, he had problems with his knee after an accident with a bike. So I started to put him out of my mind focusing more on my friends and the boys at school. One day I was on my way home from school on my bike. I came at a four way stop street near my house and there on the other side stood a school boy with his motorbike watching me. It was his turn to go but he insisted that I go first. So here I was crossing the road with a bicycle and with this boy from a another school watching me paddling right by him. I was so self conscious with this boy watching my every move and I didn’t even know who he was. Then all of a sudden he turned in my direction and I heard him following me, so I decided to stop at the corner since I am not ready to show an unknown boy where I stay. He stopped right next to me and took off his helmet…



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  1. laines03 says:

    Hi Joli~

    My name is Laine and I just recently began receiving emails of your new blog posts. It is funny because I do remember briefly reading your blog a bit months ago, but I don’t remember subscribing, or ever receiving an alert before. Like you, I am a Christ follower and submissive, DD wife. Also, I know that you are a friend of a good, close friend of mine, Kate Miller. True? Anyway, nice to “meet” you, thank you for sharing your story, and would you like to talk more via email with me?

    I am a bit reserved as far as my interaction in the DD community — I find some ends and facets of its wide spectrum of practice off limits for my personal conscience (though please don’t think I judge harshly!), but I do love to get to know other like-minded Christian ladies to converse with, share with, and support one another on this sometimes very intense journey– I have a feeling you know exactly what I mean! I hope I didn’t just sound closed-minded and stuffy by what I just said, but I must be candid. It is hard to find genuine support and camaraderie on the forums for me. I prefer to get to know people one on one and could always use a DD friend! I’ll stop here and wait to hear back from you, to make sure you’re “taking applications for new friends”….before I blabber on any further, lol :P. Take care and have a great day!!

    Many Blessings~ Laine

    P.S. Thank you for sharing so openly on your blog, it is refreshing new to hear your love story, and I so closely relate to much you’ve shared of your experiences. Sent from my iPhone



    1. hisjoli says:

      Hi Laine,
      Please see my reply to you at the bottom. 😉


    1. hisjoli says:

      Part two: coming soon.


  2. hisjoli says:

    Please to meet you, Laine. I would love to be e-mail friends. I get the “reserved on the DD community” part completely. I feel exactly the same. I am a friend of Kate, yes. I value my e-mail friends a lot it is much more personal. If you don’t mind, I just need to ask the HOH in my house if I can have another e-mail friend, he doesn’t want me to get to consumed with this. As soon as I have his go ahead I will let you know. What is your blog’s name? I read one quite often because I could relate to it so much but then one day I couldn’t access it anymore. “Leaning into us”. Please don’t worry about blabber, I like reading everybody’s blabber. 😉 I am looking forward on developing a new found friendship. 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed my story
    Take care and Blessings to you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. laines03 says:

      Hi again, Joli~

      I don’t have a blog. I love to write, but just journal and email and text close friends really. Sorry I missed this comment for so long. I commented via email and didn’t realize my message or your reply would show as a comment, lol. Hope you and yours are well ❤


      P.S. I think the leaningintous blog is authored by a lady named, Lani, and it is now a "protected" site, no longer public. You must request to be a follower.


  3. JG says:

    I really enjoyed this story, Joli. Your man is a natural dominant, of that there is no doubt! This was really sweet, and hot at the same time! Looking forward to part two. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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