Our story (part two)

You know you get these moments in life that would get imprinted into your memory and they will stand out like statues in your heart. I call these moments “movie moments”. They are so perfect and memorable that you feel that these moments are only created and planned in the movies. But if you take the time to look back you will find that you have a list of these moments in the past. Small gifts from God.

That day on the corner of our street I had one of those “movie moments”. I wish I could press the rewind button just to see and feel it happen again. Even if I tell you what happend in that moment you will not be able to experience it in depth like I did, because I felt it in my heart. It was our moment.

He took off his helmet and I saw it was my kick boxer friend. My heart stopped for a moment and my stomach had butterflies. He said “hi” and started chatting with me about everyday life, not much to talk about at the age of sixteen, school, school and school. So he asked me where I stayed and I showed him our house from the corner. He said ” I am glad to see you were not going to lead a stranger to you house”. I just smiled. Maybe I will come and visit you soon, if you want me to.” I wanted to say out loud “oh please do!”But I just smiled politely and said “that would be nice”.

He then left me to go home. He got on his bike, put his helmet on and went on his way. But while driving away, and here is that moment, he lifted the visor of his helmet and winked at me and I could see in his eyes that he was smiling. In that moment something happened in my heart. I can’t explain it and if I would have had the courage to tell someone they would have laughed at me, since I was still  a child. I remeber it so clearly, I was paddeling slowly and my heart jumped at his wink and I looked down seeing the small branches that fell from the trees I was passing. I remember the words in my head or heart, actually all over my body. “YOU ARE GOING TO BE HIS”. The words actually shocked me, the certainty in my heart excited me and I remember I said it out loud “God, can it be, that I just know?” I wanted to giggle, I am sure I had this huge grin on my face.

A month and two weeks later I arrived back from a school camp, actually a survivor camp is a more appropriate name for it. It was a sobering experience for me. I had a lot to think about and worked through a lot of stuff on my own during this camp. When I arrived home, I felt uneasy, so I decided to go to my friend’s house. The one my ex-boyfriend left me for. The thing is, to me she was like an older sister. We grew up together and I just decided that I am going to forgive her and try to save our friendship. After all her father did drown right in front of her the year before while participating in a huge canoing competition. She was not herself and pretty much confused and still hurting. But as I was approaching her house I saw my ex-boyfriend’s bike in the driveway. This opened the wounds again, I just turned back home. For the first time in weeks I cried uncontrollable tears. I briefly thought of my encounter with my kick boxing friend and I started doubting that what I felt was real that day on the corner. I was caught up in my own pile of thoughts when suddenly I saw these two boys walking toward me a few feet away from the entrance of my house. The first thing I thought was “get rid of these tears!” As they came closer I saw it was one of the boys in our street that attends the same school as me and then, well what do you know, Mr kick boxer. I could see his smile in the dark and I felt self concious because I wore very short pants, because we swam earlier and I just grabbed something to put over my swimming clothes. Turned out he liked what he saw ;). That night had a major turn for me, from crying to secretly taking a ride on his bike,(my father would never have given permission for that, yeah I know naughty) what a thrill it was, holding him around his waist, trusting him with my life for the first time. From there on we couldn’t get enough of each other we would find any excuse to be with each other.


A month after that night we had our first kiss and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Oh boy the kiss, one of those “movie moments” again. I still feel like that about his kisses, I always say that there is a strange power in his lips. That night when he came to save me like knight on his horse (in this case bike), something started between us. Something that has never stopped since then…



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  1. Meredith says:

    Please share how and when you began your ttwd/dd relationship. Right from the start? I did enjoy hearing about how you met and really fell in love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hisjoli says:

      Hi, will get to that part soon. 😉


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