Two cocktails too many..


It is late in the afternoon and her friends and ex-colleagues heard about the troubles she was experiencing at her new job. Although she was not working with them anymore they still saw her as part of their family. So they invited her to their “cocktail-evening” for the term. It was in the middle of the week. One of his rules are no socializing during the week. But tonight he knew how much she needs to be with them. He knew that it will give her some comfort in this difficult time of her life. The people at her new job treat her very badly and being with friends that love her for who she is, can only do her good.  When she asked him he looked her in the eyes and said “you can go, on one condition… You will only have one cocktail”. She agreed and she was on her way.

It was a lovely evening. Being able just to be herself again, laughing and joking. Catching up on all the stories and being encouraged to handle this new difficult job the best way she can was exactly what she needed. She finished her cocktail and was about to finish her conversation so that she can say her goodbyes. But when she looked up she looked straight into someone’s eyes who works with her at her new job. It was someone who was really going out of their way to give her a hard time at work. Her stomach went into a knot and all she could think about was all the stress and tension and emotional abuse that will be waiting for her yet again tomorrow at work. So… she ordered another cocktail. Just as the waiter put her second cocktail in front of her she got a text from her husband “hi my love, are you having fun? I guess you will be heading home soon”. She replied “Yes I am. thank you for letting me come. I will leave soon. Love you.” She had a lovely evening with her friends and two cocktails turned into three. She completely lost track of time and when she looked on her phone she saw two text messages, one from earlier “Babe, where are you? Getting worried over here.” and then  another one from a few minutes before “Get your ass home, now!!!” Her heart jumped and she excused herself immediately and headed home. They stay far out of town, a thirty minute drive on a dark road between farms and she had three cocktails in her system. Exactly why he said she could only have one. When she made the turn on the gravel road that leads to their small farm, she sent him a text to say she is almost at their gate. When she turned in through their gate she saw the garage door was already open and when she pulled the car in she saw him sitting on a chair in the garage, arms folded and narrowed eyes. To top it all she was on her phone talking to a friend. When she saw him she dropped the phone. For a few seconds she couldn’t move. He did not look pleased at all, there was disappointment, worry and anger in his eyes.

When she got out he said “Your food is on the table, go eat. I will close everything.” She went to eat but could not get much in, she was too nervous. He was so quiet and serious. After she had some of her dinner she cleaned up and headed to their bedroom but he stopped her and said to her “Where are you going? Please go wait in the garage for me.” Then she knew, tonight is the night. She deserves it. Months after their discussion about spanking and discipline, he is going to follow through. She got scared, every muscle in her body was tense and she felt the urge to run away. She sat down on the chair he left there. He came in and started with a lecture “Do you remember you told your daughters that you are not going to be long and that you will see them before bedtime?” She just looked down and felt ashamed of herself. “Didn’t I say you are only allowed to have one cocktail, by the looks of how long you took to come home you had more, am I right?” She just nodded “How many?” he asked. In a trembeling voice she answered “three” . “Do you know that Lizzy cried for you and I had a hard time calming her down because  ‘mommy said she will be here” . He went on “It so dangerous on this road at night and then you have three cocktails in your system. You know you don’t drink a lot, you can’t handle it. I was worried sick!” “I know how difficult things are at work and that you are stressed out, that is why I let you go. But you took me for granted and you did not keep your word”. By then she felt like crying, only she was to tensed to let it go. “And since when do you talk on your phone while you are driving?” She just sat there, saying nothing. “Come stand up and pull down your pants.” She looked at him frightened and couldn’t move, she couldn’t believe that those words came out of his mouth.  This is new, to both of them. But he didn’t show it, he was in control as always. “I am waiting” she heard him say and it made her jump. She obeyed and he looked at her with no expression. “bend over, hands on the chair”. She did it, but it felt like hours before he did something, but then he starting spanking her with his hand. With every smack she felt some kind of release. There was this heavy, thick feeling in her heart but it went deeper, down to her stomach. It was only then that she realized it was there all the time, actually it was there the whole year. With every smack a bit of the feeling crumbled away. It came out of her in the form of tears. It went on and on and on. Until all the hurt, rejction, stress and tension from work was out. Then she heard the sound of the buckle of his belt as he pulled it out through the loops of his jeans. The experience turned into a real punishment. It was one that she won’t ever forget.

When the last smack with his belt fell he threw it down, pulled her in a standing position and sat down on the chair in front of her. He put his arms around  her waist and his head against her chest while she was still crying and he just held her quietly. After a while, he looked up into her eyes and said with a smile “hello there my wife” she smiled back and he said “don’t do that again , please” that made her cry again and she just said “I won’t” It was a promise from her heart.

She went to bed that night with a sigh of relieve and no feeling of heaviness. She snuggled into his arms and was hooked on the feeling ever since. But at the same time she had no desire to disappoint him like that on purpose ever again. It was bitter sweet.

(This was a true story about my first spanking)


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  1. ZBG says:

    Great story, but I’m guessing this really happened. Weird how it works heh? Are you still stressed at work?

    Love ZBG


    1. hisjoli says:

      Hi ZBG,
      No this was almost three years ago. I do not work there anymore. My husband told me to quit within the first year. Sure, we all get stressed out about work every now and then. But this was fear, fear that gave me sleepless nights. It even affected my health. That is all over now. I don’t look back it was a huge learning curve for me.


  2. Zeke says:

    I was relieved that it was only a story until I got to the end and realized it was true. Ouch! My heart aches after reading that. That hurts pretty bad when the kids are affected by our poor behavior. I’m guessing this is no longer a problem?


    1. hisjoli says:

      Hi Zeke,
      No, this is not a problem anymore. In fact this incident was the very first but also the last. Actually I am not the kind of person who does stuff like that. But it was just a bad stage in my life and I took a wrong turn, but my husband pulled me back almost immediately. I did make it up to my children the next day. 😉


  3. Zeke says:

    Oh, Joli, I was just aching for *you*, knowing this is not who you are! I was aching for myself, putting myself in your situation and feeling what that would be like with my spouse and my kids. I read ZBG’s stories and feel an emotional reaction to the characters even when I know they are not real, and thought this was one of those – so then to find out that it really is about you just makes it that much more poignant. Please don’t feel any judgement from me about the drinking – as if I’m anyone to throw stones. Very glad for you that you had someone who cared enough to pull you back. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hisjoli says:

      Hi Zeke,
      I definitely did not feel judged. I appreciate honest comments. I just wanted to make it clear this was not a habit. Thank for taking the time to read it, though. 😉


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