The empty chair.

Another Christmas without you. The chair next to the Christmas tree was empty again. Your name was missing on the gift cards and there were no gifts for you under the tree. Every year we feel the emptyness without you and realize it is an empty space that will remain like that forever.

Never will we hear your voice while you hand out the gifts, nor when you laugh while playing with our daughters.

I miss the way you picked them up and then winked at them while pointing to you shirt’s pocket. When they slid their little hands in,there was always a little sweety waiting for them inside.

I miss the way you put your arm around our shoulders to compliment us.


I miss the way you were just always able to help. You were always there, a phone call away. The way you just always left everything you were busy with to help us.

I miss the way you always stayed calm while everybody else already lost their cool.

I miss the way you played with our daughters, horsey-horsey on your back.

I will never forget the day our fridge broke and you knocked on the door, I opened it with a newborn in my arms still in my pajamas. When I looked up there at the back of your truck I saw a brand new fridge. You knew we couldn’t afford it. This was not your only blessing, there were so many. Too many to mention them all. Have I ever said thank you, properly? Do you even know I loved you like I still do? Did you ever think I would miss you like I do?

Did you ever think that the small baby boy that you carried will one day carry your sick and weak body to bathe you.

Did you ever think the small hand of your baby boy you held, would one day hold your hand while you give your last breath.


Did you ever think his wife would love you like she loves her own father.

I remember on the day we had to say goodbye, your eyes were closed and you only breathed slowly. We couldn’t get any reaction from you. But when our daughters hugged you to say goodbye a small tear ran down your cheek.

Your loyalty, steadfast and strong love lives inside your sons today. Thank you for being the father to my husband. Thank you that the memories my daughers have of you are only special and sweet.

Though Christmas will never be the same without you and we may never be able to celebrate it with you on this earth, I believe we will hear your voice again and meet each other again. Where there is no more pain and suffering for you. Thank you for being you. My father in law, my blessing, one of the monuments in my heart.


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  1. mrs.smith says:

    What sweet memories you have of your father-in-law. And what an honor to him to share of his kindness and legacy. May you be comforted by your memories and by the Hope we have in Christ who WILL wipe away every tear one day.
    Much Love~

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  2. ZBG says:

    Wow that’s beautiful. You made me cry. I’m sorry you have this whole in your life and pray that God’s love will comfort you when you miss him the most.

    Hugs and love,

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