Lasting peace

We woke up this morning because of tremendous heat, we have our 5th heat wave. Waking up because of the heat is still okay, but waking up after you’ve only slept two and a half hours is not so nice.

We were out all night and had a very pleasant evening juggling two new years eve parties. We had lots of fun and just had to end the evening with our own private, intimate party in our bedroom. 😉


When I finally gave up and waved the white flag at the heat. I got up and went for some alone time with my coffee. But was joined by “H” about fifteen minutes later and we ended up watching a very good and encouraging sermon of Joseph Prince. He was preaching about having inner joy and peace and that it is something God wants for all of us. “Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. There is so much more that he said that was revelation upon revelation. We were really inspired for the new year and found so much peace in the word of God.

After that we went back to bed just relaxing and chatting. We had no kids with us, grandparents can be handy at times ;).  Out of the blue I heard “H’s” voice: “come, over my lap”. At first I got a bit nervous so I asked him why and he answered “because I said so”. So over I went and found myself sinking into a peace that I cannot describe. It was a serene feeling. I loved his hands on my skin and his gentle way of touching me wherever he wanted. It was not for a spanking it was just for a connection. Then it came to me, just as I have these peaceful moments with my husband. Moments where we can shut out the world. We can seperate ourselves from all our stress and struggles, the destruction of our world, the economy, the poverty and injustice. We wrap ourselves in the moment of love and we can just be. We can be peaceful together no matter what is going on in reality out there. In that moment we don’t need money, friends, family, medication, promises and guarantees. We have each other. That is the kind of peace God wants us to have with him as well. No matter what happens out there, we have Him and only have to trust Him. Right then and there I thanked God that I can experience this kind of “marital peace” with H. I also asked that He would bless me with that same kind of peace in my everyday life this year, with the knowledge that He is with me, close to me all the time. I can sink into his presence and rest in His love too.


This connection lead to a very and I mean very special and intimate love making session. What an awesome way to start our year. We ended our year and started our year with a honeymoon. 😉


May all of you experience peace that is beyond understanding. May you find it no matter what your circumstances are. May you feel it in the midst of an argument with your spouse and may it help you to act wisely too. May you have that peace with you when it seems there is no hope at all. May you experience the true meaning of joy, love, hope, faith and peace this year. And may you have the opportunity to be a showcase of it for others who desperately needs it.

Happy new year!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ZBG says:

    That sounds wonderful! It’s amazing how when we connect deeply with God we connect more deeply with each other. A beautiful way to start the new year.

    Wishing you and H continued joy, peace and love in 2016.

    Much love,
    ZBG xox ❤


    1. hisjoli says:

      Hey my dear friend,
      It is truly amazing. Thank you and the same for you in 2016.


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