Show time

imageshgdHe enters the bedroom after he had a serious talk about punctuality with our daughters, who seems to find mornings before school the best time to play and fool around. (Not so good for their mom who has to be at work 07:15 in the mornings!)

“Ahhh! Just in time for my show”. I hear his voice behind me. He walks up to me with that boyish smile and wrinkles next to his eyes. This is not the serious H, this is the free and sweet H. My skin is warm and I cringe knowing that his cold hands from being outside in the winter cold will be a cool contrast on my body. I am only in my underwear and his hands fold around my waist. I fix the collar of his shirt…


We have this morning ritual that actually started before our DD days. He calls it his “show”. He is not at all turned on by lap dance or pole dance or anything like that. In fact it puts him off. (Thank goodness, I am not the type who dances with much conifidence)He likes it to watch me dress in the mornings before work he says it’s a reminder of what’s his. “The secret underneath your underwear, the profile of your body from behind and the softness of your skin are all mine”. 

He pulls me close and kiss me while folding me into his embrace. Suddenly he let go of me and sit on the bed. He grabs my hand and he pulls me over his knee and gives me a few stingy swats with the back of his new wooden spoon he baught for himself. “When did he get the spoon?” I thought to myself. It’s kind of a two in one, the backside is a quiet implement and off coarse the front not quiet at all. “You will not be forgetful and you will be a good girl today, right?” I assured him that I will try my best.

When he pulled me up it dawned on me… In that quick moment during his show time and off coarse when I am over his knee some mornings. I let go for just a few seconds, before my day starts. Just for about three to five minutes I can be his and not think about my to-do list, my problems at work or even his problems. I don’t have to be a good mother or a good daughter- in -law or even a good wife. I can just let go and be his. How blessed I am to have this.

Yes, we are going  through a very trying time and have a lot of stress at the moment. Things are crashing down on us at once. Keeping the DD lifestyle in full swing is very hard at the moment. But our love is strong enough, our bond is “storm and crash proof”. We can have short moments of solace and peace and just… Each other.

“Okay let’s do this” I thought when I left the bedroom and my day started. Not stress free, but with enough energy, faith and will to handle it the best way I can. Until the evening came I could kneel in front of him to rub his feet, hands and face. Showing him my support, obedience, respect and love. We can end on the same note we have started our day. I can report to him what I have accomplished and I can ask him for help where I need it.

“Oh yeah, we will be fine. We can get through it,” I thought to myself before I closed my eyes to fall asleep in his arms that night. There are moments I can let go of the world and simply be his.





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  1. ZBG says:

    I love those moments when I can just be his. Zeke loves to come in the bedroom just after I have showered to get a glimpse…the fresh, sweet smelling body and curves that belong to nobody else. ❤ This morning I was washing my hair in the shower and when I opened my eyes there were two eyes staring back at me, peaking around the shower curtain. 😉


  2. hisjoli says:

    Oh ZBG, how blessed we are to have peace, love and enjoyment in our marriages. Something to be thankful for everyday.

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