If laundry could talk

So I know that it is just one of our “motherly duties”, but it came to me while I folded our laundry the other day, that each item in the laundry basket has a story to tell. Well, I’m sure most of them. As I lifted each and every piece of clothing it took me back down to memory lane.

My kids’ pajamas, Oh how adorable Lizzie was about a week ago, when she crawled in bed between me and H one morning. Announcing, “your bed is warmer than mine” While cuddling in my arms. Their white school uniform shirts. Nicci’s is still bright white without stains and Lizzy’s is not as white and flawless anymore. It resembles their personalities. Nicci’s horse riding pants, it reminded me of the fire in her, the brave little 9 year old who fell off many times and just got back on the horse’s back everytime and did a perfect jump. Lizzy’s gymnastics leotard, how she climbed the rope like it was nothing after she did lots of sit-ups and many other exercises with her 7 year old body. Paint on one of Nicci’s  shirts how beautiful she can paint, she amazes me.

H’s rugby socks sticks out and I pick them up thinking off the feeling I get when I watch him on the field. How I felt when one a opponent tackeled him very dangerously. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his head whip back and forth while landing on the ground with hard thump. His blue shirt…oh man he looks sexy in this….no wait, this black one is even better. How I would like to take this one off him now 😉 His thick coat, I love snuggling into his arms while this coat covers me.

Mmmm, my light blue jeans…. H loves them. He says it presents my butt to him perfectly. He never lets me get away without a smack or two when I have them on. Sometimes He’ll smack me hard and announce in front of the kids….”MINE!”. They giggle when he does that. Oh my, what about this beige coat of mine. He spanked me so hard once, because I cooked without putting an apron on and it ended up getting fatty stains. Then I stop a moment and get a naughty grin, because my secret weapon is right there in the laundry basket…my cute light blue lace panties. They just cover my butt halfway and it drives H crazy. I only have to make sure he sees me in them, then my fun is booked for the evening.

blue panties

There, while folding my laundry I realized that a very grateful prayer is being conceived in my heart.

Lord, thank you for the way you clothe me and my family. Thank you for your provision and blessings. Thank you for my good, loyal and loving Husband. I may not always like what he does or say, but I sure do love him dearly. I value him in so many ways. Thank you for my beautiful daughters. They fill me with joy and give my life so much meaning. Thank you for our gifts and talents and that each personality in our house fits into your perfect plan. In Jesus name, Amen

The laundry basket is so ordinary. Just like our lives… we are just an ordinary family. We have stains and are not flawless. Sometimes we get dirty by our wrong choices. But we fit into the perfect picture God has for us anyway and we can always come and be cleansed by His love and presence. And be reminded by the stains from the past, that we are who we are and can learn form every stain there is and get up and try again with a grateful heart.

If laundry could talk indeed….



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  1. Karen says:

    So sweet.! .Thanks for sharing

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